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Italian - English tõlkijad ja tõlgid » General fields

Italian - English valdkonna "Tech/Engineering" tõlkijad (22896)
Italian - English valdkonna "Art/Literary" tõlkijad (2391)
Italian - English valdkonna "Medical" tõlkijad (1828)
Italian - English valdkonna "Law/Patents" tõlkijad (19243)
Italian - English valdkonna "Science" tõlkijad (1004)
Italian - English valdkonna "Bus/Financial" tõlkijad (30)
Italian - English valdkonna "Marketing" tõlkijad (10368)
Italian - English valdkonna "Other" tõlkijad (1577)
Italian - English valdkonna "Social Sciences" tõlkijad (1671)

Italian - English tõlkijad ja tõlgid » Specific fields

Italian - English tõlkijad: Raamatupidamine
Italian - English tõlkijad: Reklaam / Suhtekorraldus (4501)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Maa atmosfäär ja avakosmos / Lennundus / Kosmos
Italian - English tõlkijad: Põllumajandus (809)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kariloomad / Loomapidamine
Italian - English tõlkijad: Antropoloogia (1073)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Arheoloogia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Arhitektuur (1569)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kunst, kaunid kunstid & käsitöö, maal
Italian - English tõlkijad: Astronoomia & Kosmos
Italian - English tõlkijad: Rahandus (üldine) (2309)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Automatiseerimine & Robootika
Italian - English tõlkijad: Autondus / Sõidukid & Veoautod (1811)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Bioloogia (biotehnoloogia, biokeemia, mikrobioloogia) (1234)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Botaanika
Italian - English tõlkijad: Ehitamine / Tsiviilehitus
Italian - English tõlkijad: Ettevõtlus / Kaubandus (üldine) (4760)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Materjalid (plastmass, keraamika jne) (961)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Tunnistused, diplomid, litsentsid, CV-d (3176)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Keemia; keemiateadus/keemiatehnoloogia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Luule & Kirjandus (4586)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kino, film, TV, näitekirjandus (4345)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Tekstiil / Riietus / Mood (2508)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Telekom(munikatsioon) (2506)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Arvutid (üldine) (2954)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Arvutid: Riistvara (1242)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Arvutid: Tarkvara (2186)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Arvutid: Süsteemid, arvutivõrgud
Italian - English tõlkijad: Õigus: Leping(ud) (2224)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kokandus / Kulinaaria (3277)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kosmeetika, ilu (1856)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Hambaravi (656)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meedia / Multimeedia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Majandusteadus (2592)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Haridus / Pedagoogika (3516)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Elektroonika / Elektrotehnika (1218)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Energia / Elektri tootmine (1377)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Inseneriteadus (üldine) (1762)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Inseneriteadus: Tööstus (990)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Mehaanika / Masinatööstus
Italian - English tõlkijad: Tuumatehnika/teadus (266)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Keskkond & Ökoloogia (2106)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Esoteerilised õpetused (413)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kalandus
Italian - English tõlkijad: Folkloor
Italian - English tõlkijad: Toit & Piimandus (2929)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Metsandus / Puu / Puit (425)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Mööbel / Kodumasinad (1141)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Mängud / Videomängud / Õnnemäng / Kasiino (1733)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kaevandamine & Mineraalid / Kalliskivid
Italian - English tõlkijad: Genealoogia (223)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Üldine / Vestlus / Tervitused / Kirjad (4013)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Geneetika
Italian - English tõlkijad: Geograafia (1185)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Geoloogia (370)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Valitsus / Poliitika (2635)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Fotograafia / Pilditehnika (& Graafika) (1063)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Tervishoid (1920)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Ajalugu (2570)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Turism & Reisimine
Italian - English tõlkijad: Inimressursid (2101)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Idioomid / Mõtteterad / Vanasõnad
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kindlustus (975)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Rahvusvaheline organisatsioon / arendustegevus / koostöö (1831)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Internet, e-kaubandus
Italian - English tõlkijad: Investeerimine / Väärtpaberid (698)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Metallurgia / Valamine
Italian - English tõlkijad: IT (infotehnoloogia) (2167)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Ajakirjandus
Italian - English tõlkijad: Kinnisvara (1141)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Õigus (üldine) (3398)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Õigus: Patendid, kaubamärgid, autoriõigus (1530)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Õigus: Maksustamine & Toll (1048)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Keeleteadus (2079)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Transport / Veondus / Laevavedu
Italian - English tõlkijad: Juhtimine (1766)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Tootmine
Italian - English tõlkijad: Laevad, purjetamine, merendus (661)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Turundus / Turu-uuringud (3066)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Matemaatika & Statistika (495)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin (üldine)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Kardioloogia (630)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Instrumendid (755)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Farmaatsia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Meteoroloogia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Metroloogia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Sõjandus / Kaitse (569)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Muusika (2150)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Nimed (isiku, ettevõtte) (409)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Toit (1143)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Naftatehnoloogia / Nafta töötlemise teooria (725)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Muu (802)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Paber / Paberi tootmine (252)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Patendid (552)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Filosoofia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Füüsika (384)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Trükkimine & Kirjastamine (1119)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Psühholoogia
Italian - English tõlkijad: Religioon
Italian - English tõlkijad: Jaemüük (892)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Safety (210)
Italian - English tõlkijad: SAP (süsteemid, rakendused ja tooted andmetöötluses) (235)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Teadus (üldine) (1817)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Släng (629)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Ühiskonnateadused, sotsioloogia, eetika jne.
Italian - English tõlkijad: Sport / Fitness / Puhkus
Italian - English tõlkijad: Uuringud (482)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Vein / Veiniõpetus / Viinamarjakasvatus (1382)
Italian - English tõlkijad: Zooloogia (420)

Italian - English translators and interpreters

Liikmelisuse veeru kohta Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   Thomas Roberts
  Multilingual academic lawyer
Law (general), intellectual property, international law, environmental law, private law, legal theory, philosophy, politics, administrative (general). ... English/Italian
6975 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Oliver Lawrence
  Texts with zest by a Chartered Linguist
MCIL, tourism, marketing, commercial, legal, certificates, accuracy with finesse, punctual, reliable, high-quality, accuracy, website, press releases, advertisements, product labelling, brochures, newsletters, corporate communications, promotions, transcreation, copy, travel, hotel, spa hotel, property development, corporate hospitality, cruise brochure, guide books, books, shipping, technical, IT, software, manual, user guide, documentation, contracts, quality management, quality management system, QMS, management, market research, specialist Italian, Diploma in Translation, certified, accreditations, Plain English, international English, proofreading, revising, editing, translation, translator, Italian to English translator, English translator, English for tourism, Italian tourism, into English, translate to English, translate from Italian, Italian translate, translation from Italian, Italian translation, Italian translator, translate website, traduzione, traduttore, traduttore ingle ... English
3895 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Jean Martin
  30 years translating experience
telecommunications, electronics, legal, accounting and finance, automotive engineering, building and construction ... English
3652 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Angela Arnone
  Italian by name ... English by nature!
tourism, turismo, wine, vino, storia dell'arte, art history, catalogue, catalogo, arte, fashion, moda, cucina, cookery, cuisine, slogans, Italy, guide turistiche, ricette, recipes, national parks, parchi nazionali, natura, nature, Ortona, Italian-to-English translation, traduzioni inglesi, press releases, comunicati stampa, design, literature, poetry, poesia, prose, prosa, travel, viaggi, copywriting, proofreading, editing, localization, hotel, hospitality industry, Abruzzo, asseverazioni, interpretariato, court-sworn, interpreting, enogastronomia, guidebooks, luxury, lusso, subtitles, sottotitoli, libri per bambini, children's books, contracts, contratti, legal, legale, textiles, tessile ... English
3602 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Peter Cox
  Professional, high quality assured
Financial Statements, Legal, Commercial & Business, Public Relations, Marketing, Food Industry, Banking, Travel, Automotive, Civil Engineering, Technical and Energy/Electricity corporate environment legal contracts corporate finance bilanci relazioni gestione banche IFRS Consiglio di amministrazione verbali statuto contratti governance controllo interno audit contracts turismo fondi consolidato legali contratti tecnico auto ... English
3371 points
Italian - English
  Shera Lyn Parpia
  translating meaning, not just words
biology, breastfeeding, children, parenting, nutrition, furniture, design, ... English
4187 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Russell Jones
  Also an Architect and Property Manager
Architecture, Property, Literature, Arts, Reviews ... English
2792 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   simon tanner
  legal translation specialist
legal, history, fashion, food & drink, art, giuridico, legale, storia, moda, gastronomia, arte, translation, traduzione, università, university, lecturer, cinema, film, sceneggiatura, screenplay, English, Italian, sicily, messina, sworn translations, ITI ... English
2204 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Ivana UK
  Business, finance and insurance
business, finance, law, medicine, tourism, financial statements, management report, meeting minutes, accounting, annual report, audit report, company accounts, health and Safety, data protection, privacy policy, Safety equipment, fire prevention, disciplinary procedures, taxation, tax return, mining, minerals, military, fortifications, archaeology, clinical trials, ethics committee approval, medical, pharmaceuticals, patient information sheet, scientific patents, patents, reports, manuals, brochures, pamphlets, information booklets, non-fiction, websites, luxury goods, watches, watchmaking, sunglasses, eyeglasses, fashion catalogue, Scotland, Scotland-based, UK-based, Edinburgh-based, Italian to English translator, IT>EN, native speaker, UK English, British English, bilingual, Italian and English, dual national, dual nationality, interpreter & translator ... English/Italian
2830 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Jo Macdonald
  Click for quote of the month
automotive, technical, railways, renewable energy, geothermal energy, wind power, solar power, biofuel, photovoltaic, translation, medical, insurance, Italian, Spanish, English, professional mother-tongue translator, clinical trials, engineering, contract, translations, translation, translate, ... English
1652 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Rosanna Palermo
  Accuracy matters - La precisione conta
Italian Native, accurate translation, Italian to English, English to Italian, legal, documents, letters, engineering, tourism, computer, hardware, software, travel, business, medical, culinary, correspondence, contract, English primary, English native, translation, translator, Italiano, contracts, surveys, survey, accounting, financial, finance, manufacturing, valves, fittings, pumps, mechanical, art, journalism, novel, technical, transportation, transport, management, forecast, routings, labor, reports, madrelingua Italiana, madrelingua inglese, ingegneria, finanzia, economia, assicurazioni, assicurazione, polizze, ingegneria meccanica, turismo, viaggi, cucina, ospitalita', industria, amministrazione aziendale, contratti, inglese US, inglese americano, ricette, diploma, procedure, sicurezza, sondaggi, energia, nave, costruzione, pianificazione, automazione, programma, informatica, traduttore Italiano inglese, traduzione dall'Italiano all'inglese, traduttore professionale, traduzione p ... Italian/English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
2384 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Fiona Grace Peterson
  Medical translator IT>EN
medicina, medicine, articoli scientifici, scientific articles, studi clinici, clinical studies, nutrizione, nutrition, arte, art, fotografia, photography, libri e cataloghi d'arte, art books and catalogues, scrittura creativa, creative writing, cinema, film, films, racconti brevi, short stories, poesia, poetry, libri per ragazzi, children's literature, materiale didattico, gastronomia, food, wine, lifestyle, turismo, tourism, tourist information, subtitling, sottotitoli, magazine articles, articoli per riviste, audioguides, audioguide, recipes, ricette, comics, fumetti, press releases, rassegne stampe, traduzione, traduttrice, cinofilia, dogs, quality, fast turnaround, moda, fashion, marketing, advertising, copywriting, translator, translation ... English
1098 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Lanna Castellano
  sensus verborum est anima legis
Company law, property conveyancing, contracts, company reports, insolvency, libel, family law, criminal law, labour law, legislation, court procedure, history, history of law, learned opinions, maths ... English
1083 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Linda Thody
  Reliability Quality Professionalism
Italian, English, translation, legal, financial, economic, business, deed, articles, corporate, memorandum, statement, balance sheet, contract, agreement, brief, petition, tax, VAT, IVA, court, legislation, law, directive, assets, liabilities, certificate, marketing, advertising, publicity, transparency, insurance, drug, inglese, Italiano, traduzione, contratto, certificato, bilancio, atto, legale, estratto, legale, finanziario, economia, statuto, costitutivo, causa, tribunale, avvocati, indagine, farmaceutico, Italian-English Translator specialising in legal, financial, economic and business terminology ... English
697 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Isabelle Johnson
  History, social sciences, tourism
storia, history, flora and fauna, flowers and plants, geology, natural history, social science, food and wine, enogastronomia, culinaria, vino, viticulture Italian to English translation, counselling, domestic violence, tourism, academic translations, university translations, traduzioni universitari, turismo, geologia, sociologia, sociology, scienze sociali, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Cortina, Cadore, nature, travel, sport, museums, musei, viaggi ... English
665 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Sylvia Gilbertson
  Quality translations since 1990
law, giurisprudenza ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
463 points
Italian - English
  Sonia Hill
  Quality work delivered on time
art, arte, archaeology, archeologia, sport, medicine, medicina, cosmetics, cosmesi e bellezza, pharmaceutics, farmaceutica, tourism, turismo, history of art, art history, storia dell'arte, clinical trials, studi clinici, sperimentazioni cliniche, clinical studies, ricerca clinica, patient information sheets, moduli di informazione, informazioni per il paziente, informed consent forms, moduli di consenso, clinical protocols, protocolli clinici, general science, scienza, natural childbirth, parto naturale, hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, allattamento, baby-led weaning, svezzamento naturale, parenting, genitori, IQ tests, test di intelligenza, trade fairs and shows, fiere e mostre, pets and domestic animals, animali domestici, knitting, lavoro a maglia, religion, religione, gardening, giardinaggio, history, storia, cooking, cucina, madrelingua inglese, inglese britannico, traduttrice Italiano inglese ... English
334 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Jennifer Baker
  Accurate, Experienced and Professional
Italian to English translations, technical translations, automation, robotics, manufacturing, art, history, cuisine, engineering, industrial, chemistry, marketing, metalurgy, automotive, education, oenology, armoury, foundry, native English speaker, madrelingua inglese, automazioni, robotica, traduzioni tecniche, manualistica, traduzioni tecniche, Italian to English technical translations, traduzioni in inglese, transfer machines, assembly, construction, edilizia, machines, macchine, American English, hydraulic presses, presse idrauliche, die-casting, pressofusione, tourism, turismo, brochures, guides, guide turistiche, art, museum guides, hotel guides, guide turistiche, communicato stampa, press release ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
231 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Laurence Fogarty
  Translation with precision and care.
Italian French Italiano francese computer clinical trials NIC directory accounts program ethics committee authorization IMP health IT networks cisco microsoft lotus hp dell disaster recovery messaging email software hardware clinical research medical internet politics statistics rete citrix legale sociology social research programma logiciel tourism literature writing statistics ... English
220 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   dasein_wm
  The right word at the right time.
Italian, German, English, history, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, arts, humanities, social sciences, sociology, economics, geography, globalization, religion, Christian, Judaism, comparative, culture, literature, writing, books, extracts, proofreading, submissions, exhibitions, brochures, guidebooks, travel, tourism, hotels, restaurants, oenology, wine, gastronomy, food, translation, interpreter, office, word, excel, power point, adobe, wordfast, computer, accurate, reliable, experience, serious, scholarly. ... English
214 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Teresa Valaer
  leggibilita' = readability
experience, websites, bilingual, cinema, film, architecture, medicine, psychology, transportation, marketing, communication, environment, sustainability, ecology, readable, elegant style, professional, linguist, language, Italian, English, American. ... English
146 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Lindsay Sabadosa
  Legal and Financial Translator
Contract, Contracts, Finance, Law, Business, Certificates, Legal Translation, Legal Translations, Legal, Vital Records, Financial Translations, Italian, French, English ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
154 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Sandy Carpenter
  Business and legal translator
Translator, Translation, translation services, professional translator, native English speaker, Degree in Translation, business and legal translations, commercial translation, legal translation, business translation, website translation, international communication, Italian into English translation, Spanish into English translation, experienced translator, qualified translator, financial reports, manuals, technical specifications, policies, procedures, contracts, power of attorney, court documents, presentations, forms, certificates, letters ... English
55 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   Elizabeth Faracini
  MA, DipTransIoLET, Punctual and precise
English, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Translation, Copyediting, Proofreading, Fast Service, High Quality, Business, Commerce, Accounting, Consulting, Finance, DipTrans, Chartered Institute of Linguists, DipTransIoLET, Diploma in Translation, Certified Translator, Certified Translation, Lathey, Tourism, Document Translation, Italy, United States, Native English Translator ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
64 points
Italian - English
Identity Verified   lcstranslations
  Reliable, fast, professional translator
Italian, English, legal, law, finance, banking, due diligence, financial statements, manuals, technical, tender documents, civil engineering, minutes, marketing, tourism, oenology, hospitality, general ... English
31 points
Italian - English
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