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Arabic - English tõlkijad ja tõlgid » General fields

Arabic - English valdkonna "Tech/Engineering" tõlkijad (3852)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Art/Literary" tõlkijad (24051)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Medical" tõlkijad (37813)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Law/Patents" tõlkijad (10513)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Science" tõlkijad (721)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Bus/Financial" tõlkijad (10072)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Marketing" tõlkijad (3087)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Other" tõlkijad (462)
Arabic - English valdkonna "Social Sciences" tõlkijad (1062)

Arabic - English tõlkijad ja tõlgid » Specific fields

Arabic - English tõlkijad: Raamatupidamine (1480)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Reklaam / Suhtekorraldus (2678)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Maa atmosfäär ja avakosmos / Lennundus / Kosmos (498)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Põllumajandus (805)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kariloomad / Loomapidamine
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Antropoloogia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Arheoloogia (386)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Arhitektuur (545)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kunst, kaunid kunstid & käsitöö, maal
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Astronoomia & Kosmos (323)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Rahandus (üldine) (2721)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Automatiseerimine & Robootika (418)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Autondus / Sõidukid & Veoautod
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Bioloogia (biotehnoloogia, biokeemia, mikrobioloogia)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Botaanika (341)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Ehitamine / Tsiviilehitus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Ettevõtlus / Kaubandus (üldine) (2682)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Materjalid (plastmass, keraamika jne) (415)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Tunnistused, diplomid, litsentsid, CV-d (1965)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Keemia; keemiateadus/keemiatehnoloogia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Luule & Kirjandus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kino, film, TV, näitekirjandus (1924)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Tekstiil / Riietus / Mood (870)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Telekom(munikatsioon) (1572)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Arvutid (üldine) (2145)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Arvutid: Riistvara
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Arvutid: Tarkvara (1631)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Arvutid: Süsteemid, arvutivõrgud (1066)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Õigus: Leping(ud) (2243)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kokandus / Kulinaaria
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kosmeetika, ilu
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Hambaravi (464)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meedia / Multimeedia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Majandusteadus (1822)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Haridus / Pedagoogika (2713)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Elektroonika / Elektrotehnika
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Energia / Elektri tootmine
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Inseneriteadus (üldine) (1133)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Inseneriteadus: Tööstus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Mehaanika / Masinatööstus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Tuumatehnika/teadus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Keskkond & Ökoloogia (781)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Esoteerilised õpetused (84)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kalandus (109)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Folkloor
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Toit & Piimandus (1230)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Metsandus / Puu / Puit (256)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Mööbel / Kodumasinad
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Mängud / Videomängud / Õnnemäng / Kasiino (779)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kaevandamine & Mineraalid / Kalliskivid
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Genealoogia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Üldine / Vestlus / Tervitused / Kirjad
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Geneetika
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Geograafia (617)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Geoloogia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Valitsus / Poliitika (2644)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Fotograafia / Pilditehnika (& Graafika)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Tervishoid
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Ajalugu (1667)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Turism & Reisimine (2768)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Inimressursid
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Idioomid / Mõtteterad / Vanasõnad (679)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kindlustus (676)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Rahvusvaheline organisatsioon / arendustegevus / koostöö (1191)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Internet, e-kaubandus (1147)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Investeerimine / Väärtpaberid (583)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Metallurgia / Valamine
Arabic - English tõlkijad: IT (infotehnoloogia) (1337)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Ajakirjandus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Kinnisvara
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Õigus (üldine) (2446)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Õigus: Patendid, kaubamärgid, autoriõigus
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Õigus: Maksustamine & Toll (809)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Keeleteadus (1750)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Transport / Veondus / Laevavedu (1070)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Juhtimine
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Tootmine (465)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Laevad, purjetamine, merendus (318)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Turundus / Turu-uuringud (1484)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Matemaatika & Statistika (370)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin (üldine)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Kardioloogia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Instrumendid (444)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meditsiin: Farmaatsia (789)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Meteoroloogia (48)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Metroloogia
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Sõjandus / Kaitse (984)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Muusika
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Nimed (isiku, ettevõtte) (527)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Toit (571)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Naftatehnoloogia / Nafta töötlemise teooria (830)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Muu (634)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Paber / Paberi tootmine
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Patendid (282)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Filosoofia (548)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Füüsika (258)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Trükkimine & Kirjastamine
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Psühholoogia (687)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Religioon
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Jaemüük
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Safety
Arabic - English tõlkijad: SAP (süsteemid, rakendused ja tooted andmetöötluses) (115)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Teadus (üldine) (1170)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Släng (311)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Ühiskonnateadused, sotsioloogia, eetika jne. (1333)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Sport / Fitness / Puhkus (683)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Uuringud
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Vein / Veiniõpetus / Viinamarjakasvatus (61)
Arabic - English tõlkijad: Zooloogia (262)

Arabic - English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Muhammad Said
  You Run Business, We Run Words
English, Arabic, Forex, proofreading, finance, economics, tourism, travel, stocks, securities, media, journalism, politics, translation, marketing, flyers, bibliographies, trade, electronics, welding, mechanical, localization, Military, Multimedia, Insurance, Music, Biology, Architecture, Marketing, Psychology, Agriculture, Energy, International Development, Business (general), Sociology, Biochemistry, Machinery & Tools, Tax Law, Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights, Sports, Government, Travel & Tourism, Telecommunications, Banking & Financial Law, Corporate Law, Accounting & Auditing, Art, Mining & Minerals, Gastronomy, Shipping & Maritime, Ecology & Environment, Film & Television, Real Estate, History, European Union, Food & Dairy Technology, translation, Sports, Government, Travel & Tourism, Telecommunications, English, proofreading, editing, subtitling, IT/office/home, electronics, computer paper, telecommunications, mobile phone localization software instructions, fashion, health care ... English/Arabic
695 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Lucinda Wills
  Quality - Reliability - Expertise
Arabic, English, native, fluent, experience, development, health, education, law, legal, commercial, medical, government, general, editing, review, proofreading, translation, international, marketing, audit ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
183 points
Arabic - English
  Anis Farhat
  Never Lost In Translation
Arabic to English, English to Arabic, Translation, Proofreading, Editing, Social Sciences, Art & Literature, Religion, Education & Pedagogy, History, Proverbs, Idioms & Expressions, General Science, Advertising & Public Relations, Cosmetics & Beauty, Certificates and Diplomas, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Mass Communication, Text Books, Recreation, Conversation, Greetings, Letters, Environmental Science, Film and Cinema Studies, General, Health, Tenders, Petroleum (oil field), Political Science, Tourism and Travel, Patent Translation, Legal, Traduction de contrats arabe français, Arabic, English, French, Certified translator, Court certified translator, Tunisian Sworn translator, traduction juridique, jugements de divorce. ... Arabic/English
267 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Tim Friese
  Ar, Es, Pt, Fr, He > En
Arabic, spanish, portuguese, hebrew, mexico, law, legal, translation, chicago, energy, resources, politics, current events, education, biology, oil, gas, offshore drilling, offshore ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
118 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Fahim Hoosen
  Arabic-English Legal/Islamic Translator
Arabic, quran, fiqh, aqida, theology, law, finance, hadith, islamic finance, shariah, sharia, shari'ah, shari'a, qur'an, koran, legal, law, tender ... English
Lõuna-Aafrika Vabariik
52 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Alan Gardiner
  19 years translation experience.
Arabic to English translation, Arabic to English professional translator, Spanish to English translation, Spanish to English translator, government translation, political translation, military translation, military translator, military, defence, defense, transport, shipping, media translation, news translation, business translation, current affairs, commerce, finance, law, certificates, diplomas, science, computers, technology, other, general subjects, UK based, native English speaker, freelance translator. ... English
48 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Steve Booth
  32 years of translation
airport interpreter, police interpreter, children's books, novels, fast reliable service, military translations, down's syndrome, medical, sport, letters, ... English
181 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Carmen Cross
  Professional Quality Assured
Arabic, German, native English speaker, proofreading, editing, medical, pharmaceuticals, patents, law, finance, certificates, diplomas, licenses, CVs, Arabic translation, German translation, Arabic editing, German editing, linguistic consulting ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
0 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   William Tierney
  No translation is too hard to do!
security, political, military, business, contracts, legal, Trados, interpretation, proofreading, books, backtranslations, legal research, financial, Arabic, English, website, ... English
Ameerika Ühendriigid
0 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Tamer Mekhimar
  good translation!
English Arabic translation, publishing, editing, DTP, Mechanics / Mech Engineering Military, Defense Aerospace, Aviation, Space Electronics, Elect Eng Medical, IT, Art, Painting, Finance, ترادوس، ووردفاست، مترجم عربي، ترجمة سوريا، ترجمة ترجمة دليل المستخدم، ترجمة ادلة الاستخدام، ترجمة بروشور، انجليزية، انكليزية، ترجمة عربية انكليزية، ترجمة عربية انجليزية، مترجم انجليزي عربي، مترجم انجليزي-عربي، خدمة ترجمة وتعريب، برامج ترجمة وتعريب، ترجمة وتعريب برامج، شركة ترجمة الى العربية، خدمة تعريب و نشر مكتبي، ترجمة تحريرية ونشر مكتبي، ترجمة عقود قانونية، ترجمة مالية، ترجمة مصطلحات فنية، شركة ترجمة مواقع، ترجمة عربية معتمدة، ترجمة باستخدام برنامج ترادوس، برنامج وورد فاست، نشر مكتبي، تعريب برامج، ترجمة باستخدام برامج الحاسوب، شركة شركات ترجمة، خدمة ترجمة عربية، ترجمة سيارات، ترجمة منتجات، ترجمة علوم اجتماعية، ترجمة تقنية، ترجمة علمية، ترجمة طبية، خبرة ترجمة دليل صيانة،, English Arabic translation, Arabic English translation, french Arabic translation, English Arabic freelance translator, french ar ... Arabic
537 points
Arabic - English
  Ahmed ALEM
  Audio-Visual Translator
Arabic, English, French Translator / interpreter / Linguist, technolgy, software localization, law, medical, IT, engineering, tourism & travel, scientific translation, subtitling, DTP, trancription, captioning. ... Arabic/English
4 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Ahmad Habab
  Convert Words to Understand
Arabic to English, English to Arabic Translation, Subtitle, Rewriting, Proofreading, Editing, Converting, Trans-creating, Transcripting. Documents education, legal, retail, marketing, advertising, automotive, science, history, geography, cartoon, movies, TV shows, books, Law, History, Media, engineer, Mechanic, motors, Automotive, Boats, watercraft, Motorcycle, jet ski, jet boat, engine, generator, gulf cart, ATV, quad, invoice, receipt, spare parts, accessories, catalogs, brochure, pamphlet, flyer, sport, race, professional translator, professional translation, sworn translation, Phrase, idioms, slang, movies, serials, films, radio, channels, training, ... Arabic/English
Araabia Ühendemiraadid
4 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Mohamed Rehan
  Your gate to the world of languages.
Arabic translation services, translators, localization, linguist, linguistic, localization, software, language services, globalization, medical, medicine, biochecmical, health, military, internationalization, multilingual publishing, Arabic language translation, dtp, Desktop Publishing, interpretation, copywriting, translation, voiceovers, translations, narration, subtitling, technical, TRADOS 5, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Office, Macromedia Freehand, Illustrator, Localization, DTP Cultural Consulting, Teaching Arabic as a second language, Website Design and Localization, EPS format, text with outlines or paths or curves, MAC software, star transit, DejaVu, egypt, Help Manuals, Help files, Help Workshop, Cultural Assessment, Windows, Certified, Accredited, Quality, Automotive translator, technical translator, software and hardware translator, website, DTP, InDesign, Quarck, FramMaker, PageMaker, Coreldraw, software translation, hardware translation, it translation, website ... Arabic
275 points
Arabic - English
  Ibrahim I. Ibrahim
  Freelance Professional Translator
Arabic English translation technical financial legal medical education ... Arabic
252 points
Arabic - English
  Taha Shoeb
  Accuracy, Credibility, Experience
Arabic, Urdu, Professional, Translator, Law, Legal, Religion, Journalism, English, Best, Online, ... English/Urdu
60 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Peter Wissa
  Clarity and Punctuality
Arabic, English, Legal, Law, localization, religious, religion, peter, wissa, Egyta, accredited, international, interpretation, Arabic ... Arabic/English
52 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Gouda Moustafa
  High quality translations
English/German/French/Spanish ↔ Arabic translation publishing, editing, DTP ready Science (general) Mechanics / Mech Engineering Military / Defense Aerospace / Aviation / Space Electronics / Elect Eng Medical (general) Telecom(munications) IT (Information Technology) Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Finance (general) ترجمة، ترجمات ترجمة الى العربية، عربي، تعريب، ترادوس، ووردفاست، مترجم عربي، ترجمة سوريا، ترجمة السعودية، ترجمة الامارات العربية المتحدة، ترجمة فرنسا، ترجمة سويسرا، ترجمة دليل المستخدم، ترجمة ادلة الاستخدام، ترجمة بروشور، انجليزية، انكليزية، ترجمة عربية انكليزية، ترجمة عربية انجليزية، ترجمة من الفرنسية الى العربية، مترجم انجليزي عربي، مترجم انجليزي-عربي، خدمة ترجمة وتعريب، برامج ترجمة وتعريب، ترجمة وتعريب برامج، شركة ترجمة الى العربية، خدمة تعريب و نشر مكتبي، ترجمة تحريرية ونشر مكتبي، ترجمة عقود قانونية، ترجمة مالية، ترجمة مصطلحات فنية، شركة ترجمة مواقع، ترجمة عربية معتمدة، ترجمة باستخدام برنامج ترادوس، برنامج وورد فاست، نشر مكتبي، تعريب برامج، ترجمة باستخدام برامج الحاسوب، شر ... Arabic/English
0 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Maisa Muhammad
  Accuracy, discipline and consistency
English, Arabic, legal (general), financial, marketing, general. tourism, general, freelance, human resources, educational ... English/Arabic
0 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Basma El-Nezamy
  Quality & Reliability ph: +201008019561
• Fields of Translation: - Psychology - Finance & Legal (HSBC) - Press Releases - Documentation movies (National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi) - Fashion (Christian Dior – Lush) - Medical (Salamtak – Tabibi – Daleely- Website of Octoberpharma) - Tourism - UN Documentation - Business - Finance - Investment - Home Appliance Products - Websites )Antivirus – Twitter – Skype) - Political - Software Localization - General ... Arabic/English
0 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Morano El-Kholy
  25 Years: Industry & Technology.
Industry/Technology/Translation/proofreading/More than 25 years. Translation from English into Arabic. Proofreading from English into Arabic. ترجمة من الإنجليزية إلى العربية والعكس ... Arabic
267 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Tarek Salem
  Italian, English & Arabic.
Italian, English, Arabic, Translation, General, Economics, SDL Trados, Technical, Documenary, Legal ... Arabic
4 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Khalid Hantash
  Accurate & Reliable
Khalid Hantash, Palestine Territories, West Bank, Nablus, translation, freelance translator, Technical, legal, medical, English<Arabic, Arabic>English, ترجمة، الضفة الغربية، نابلس، رام الله، مترجم مستقل، ترجمة وثائق ومستندات وأدلة هاتف: 00970 92578432 موبايل: 00972 599700322 ... Arabic
4 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Mohammed Hamed
  Arabic-English Sworn Legal Translator
Arabic, IT, technology, software, localization, legal, financial, medical, general, auditing, advertising, copywriting, transcreation, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive translation, Tech/Engineering, Social Sciences, Bus/Financial, Medical, Marketing, Law/Patents, Science, Accounting, Advertising / Public Relations, Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Astronomy & Space, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Business/Commerce (general), Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Computers: Hardware, Computers: Software, Computers: Systems, Networks, Building = Construction, Economics, Electronics / Elect Eng, Energy / Power Generation, Engineering (general), Engineering: Industrial, Environment & Ecology, Banking = Finance, Food & Drink, Furniture / Household Appliances, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters, Geography, Government / Politics, Human Resources, IT (Information Technology), International Org/Dev/Coop, Internet, e-Commerce, Inves ... Arabic
0 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Mohamed Gaafar
  Over 20 Years Experience Grants Quality
Legal, Law, fine arts, technincal, medical, business, finance, political, commercial, banking, trade, pharmacuticals, literature, commerce, finance contracts, localization, transcripts, subtitling, and voice over. SDL trados level 1 certified ... Arabic
102 points
Arabic - English
Identity Verified   Noha Mostafa
  Eng/Ara/Eng Certified Translator
Translation, editing, proofreading from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English. Besides copywriting, trans-creation, adaptation into Arabic for renowned organizations and companies in travel/tourism, hospitality/entertainment, cosmetics/hair care/fragrance, education/pedagogy, technology/electronics, consumer goods/end products. Specializes and works in Legal/Litigation/Contracts, Education/Pedagogy, International Organizations/Dev/Coop/NGOs/CSOs, Marketing/Advertising, Government/Politics, Environment/Ecology, Human Resources, Medical/Health Care/Nutrition, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Contraceptives, Premature Infants/Pediatrics, Information Technology/Computers, Electronics/Appliance Manuals, Business/Commerce, Journalism/Newspaper Articles & Reports, Press Releases/Media Articles, Economics, Geography/History, Social Sciences and Tourism/Entertainment. Translation into English, translation into Arabic, English to Arabic translation, Arabic to English, English translator, pro ... Arabic
70 points
Arabic - English
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